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Freshmac review 2019

This Freshmac review includes unbiased evaluation of the app’s malware protection efficiency, performance, Mac optimization features and tech support.

Update: May 2024

When it comes to Mac protection and optimization, separating the wheat from the chaff tends to be challenging. A lot of nice-looking “specially crafted” tools available on the market either don’t do their job effectively enough or deliberately magnify the scope of security risks just to dupe the user into paying up. Indeed, there is a fine line between some of these products and scareware. The Freshmac tool for macOS stands out from the rest in its niche. It is intuitive and streamlined no matter how you slice it, plus it will clean up your Mac and enhance its performance for real.

Right upon installation, the app runs a quick scan to detect junk files, redundant startup items, privacy issues and perpetrating programs. Fixing all the reported problems is a matter of a few clicks. The Uninstaller feature is a godsend as it makes the occasionally tedious software removal process easy, eliminating even the most persistent entities that otherwise don’t yield to regular cleanup. The following review will give you an idea of how Freshmac operates, covering the installation routine, feature set, controls, cleanup workflow, support options, and the overall user experience.

Getting started

Installing this application is a no-brainer. All it takes is downloading the 10.3 MB Freshmac.pkg file from the vendor’s website and executing this installer. The utility supports Mac OS X Lion (10.7) or later. The setup wizard will pop up to walk you through the process and make it smooth. From the start you get some simple choices to make, including the destination where you want to install the tool as well as the installation type (standard or custom). These dialogs also inform you that the software requires 26.5 MB of space, which is a moderate benchmark. Be advised you will be prompted to authorize the install by typing your administrator password. The setup proper takes seconds.

Freshmac installer

Then, the Freshmac GUI pops up and the program automatically starts scanning the system for privacy, security and performance issues. The user interface looks neat and streamlined, with all the essentials right at your fingertips. The fact that it’s not crammed up with superfluous items or ads is definitely on the plus side of the app.

Freshmac scan progress

The top part of the pane’s left-hand section is occupied by categories that the tool is scanning, which allows you to monitor the scan progress. At the bottom part of the window, the application displays brief tips to inform you which areas it is scanning and what kind of issues it is looking for along the way. The scan is a 5-step process that won’t take longer than a couple of minutes to complete. It goes through the following categories: Cache, Logs, Unused Languages, Trash, and Privacy.

Interpreting scan results

When done, Freshmac displays a scan report that indicates how much space it can recover and provides a breakdown of detected issues by each one of the above-mentioned areas for you to get the big picture. The tool also provides a severity scale next to every category and allows you to apply an automatic troubleshooting mechanism right away by clicking the Fix Safely button.

Freshmac scan report

As you can see from the screenshot above, Freshmac detected a total of 467 issues on our lab machine. On the face of it, this quantity sure appears scary. But when you look closer, it turns out that 363 of the reported items are privacy issues. In plain words, these are your garden-variety tracking cookies for the most part. It is common knowledge that lots of online services, including Google, drop these entities onto your system as you visit them in order to serve targeted ads. This is the way e-marketing works these days. Long story short, most of the privacy problems reported by Freshmac are not really viruses, but they should be cleaned up on a regular basis to thwart excess surveillance of user activity by third parties.

Current system status alert

By clicking the My Dashboard button in the left-hand menu, you will see a verdict on general system status, which in our case was “Critical”. It’s difficult to judge whether or not this is an overstatement, but fixing these issues will at least free up dozens or even hundreds of megabytes and possibly eradicate potentially unwanted or clearly malicious code from your Mac.

The program provides options for you to review the entries found during the scan for each category. For instance, the screen capture below shows you which superfluous cache items were spotted and how much space each one eats up.

Unneeded cache entries

Similarly, the Privacy Cleaner module displays a list of unneeded cookies and browser history data that you should consider erasing. Down at the bottom you can see the total number of these items as well as the amount of space that can be recovered by deleting them.

 Privacy Cleaner pane

To its credit, Freshmac provides an option to deselect any items in the scan report that you wish to exclude from the cleaning routine. This way, the unchecked entries will not be removed from your system when you click the Fix Safely button.

Useful extras

The program also goes with a built-in Uninstaller component. It allows you to view the full list of applications installed on your computer, select the one(s) you want to get rid of, and trigger the uninstall process in one click. Aside from the commonplace use cases, this feature is definitely also indispensable in malware removal scenarios, where malicious entities may utilize persistence mechanisms to prevent regular eradication. Freshmac makes it easy to force-uninstall such infections from your computer.

Freshmac’s built-in Uninstaller

The utility also goes equipped with features to manage temporary files and startup apps. Temp files tend to clutter system memory and deteriorate Mac performance, so it’s strongly recommended to clean them once in a while. You can handle these items from the Temp section on the program’s GUI.

The Startup Apps functionality is one of our favorites. It enables you to view the list of programs that are configured to launch at system startup. Obviously, if there are redundant entries on this list, it will take your machine longer to start. With Freshmac, disabling or re-enabling these processes is remarkably easy.

Support and licensing

The following support options are available for Freshmac users if a tech issue occurs: peruse the FAQs, submit a request via contact form on the vendor’s website, ask the community, or email company reps 24/7 at What we noticed is that the FAQs section isn’t very informative, nor is the Community page that includes only 4 posts at the time of this writing.

If you have a question related to billing or refund, you should contact SafeCart, a third-party organization that processes payments for this product.

The vendor currently offers 2 subscription plans: unlimited Mac licenses for $49.97, and 1 Mac license key for $39.97 (both recurring semi-annually). Note that there may be limited time offers featuring up to 25% discounts. There is a 30-day money back guarantee, which means you can get a full refund during that period if something about the product doesn’t meet your expectations.

Freshmac – pros and cons


  • Easy to use
  • Identifies and removes widespread Mac viruses
  • Uninstalls stubborn apps
  • Releases disk space without affecting files that matter
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • No fully functional free trial
  • Might flag harmless browser cookies as privacy issues

Bottom line

Freshmac is very easy to install and use. Its GUI is both intuitive and informative, so you definitely won’t find it hard to manage the program’s controls and stay on top of what it is doing. It provides comprehensive details on every area it scans, allowing you to deselect any items you want to keep. But perhaps the most substantial virtue of this application is that it does the cleaning job immaculately. It removes potentially unwanted programs, reduces startup time and boosts performance of your Mac. Overall, Freshmac is undoubtedly worth its salt.



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