Get rid of iPhone virus warning popup scam

Remove iPhone virus popup scam

In terms of the present-day cybercriminal techniques, manipulating humans is almost as effective as exploiting software vulnerabilities. Threat actors know perfectly well about most users’ apprehension of digital viruses, therefore social engineering frauds typically revolve around keywords like “virus”, “malware”, or “security problem” to turn that sensitive switch on. This is exactly the case with the recent iPhone virus popup scam. ransom scam: How to unlock hijacked iPhone, iPad or MacBook

Remove virus on iPhone or MacBook

Blackmail is becoming the scourge of the present-day online world, mostly due to the ubiquity of ransomware. Crypto infections, though, are chiefly the prerogative of threat actors who focus on targeting Windows, although a few Mac samples have been spotted this year as well. Hackers who zero in on Apple devices prefer an easier route, such as the screen locking fraud. ransomware fraud: Unlock hijacked iPhone or MacBook

Remove virus on iPhone or MacBook

Although Apple is generally doing a great job securing their devices from malware attacks, hacking is quite a common encounter for this platform. Moreover, cybercrooks are obviously thinking out of the box as they have started weaponizing features that are otherwise helpful, such as Apple ID. A recent wave of such hijacking engages the email address in the blackmail chain.

MyMacUpdater/Shopperify virus: remove fake MacUpdate from Mac

Remove MyMacUpdater Shopperify virus from Mac OS X

Ads displayed on web pages can be backend-borne or isolated to a specific machine. The former case is okay as it reflects the garden-variety ecommerce – most advertisements we see online are generated this way. The latter instance, though, should be a wakeup call to a user, because it is a symptom of adware activity going on behind their back. The combo of MyMacUpdater and Shopperify viruses is responsible for deploying this type of fraud.

Xvidsetup.exe virus removal for Mac

Remove xvidsetup.exe virus from macOS

Social engineering isn’t restricted to real-life tailgating, dumpster diving or cold-calling. Present-day crooks who operate online have leant to incorporate various manipulative techniques into cyber realm, and the success of such activity is enormous. The trick involving xvidsetup.exe process exemplifies just how prolific the exploitation of “human vulnerabilities” is on the Internet.

Remove Zeus virus Mac alert scam from Safari, Chrome and Firefox

Remove Zeus virus Mac alert scam

Online tech support scams are on the rise for a reason. They are so prolific and effective because their essence is twofold. One facet involves a piece of malware that hijacks a browser, and the other revolves around exploiting human credulity and desire to keep a computer safe. The large-scale Zeus virus Mac scam wave, which has migrated from Windows environment, is quickly gaining momentum as an instrument to defraud Mac users of their money.