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Apple launches a new project to boost password security

Apple is up to enhancing its users’ authentication practices by releasing a list of password criteria for developers and password management services.

The new initiative codenamed the “Password Manager Resources” project aims to create a roadmap for the parties involved in masterminding and implementing secure login procedures. Coders and providers of password management applications shape up the primary audience of this groundbreaking move. The logic of these efforts circles around the release of instruments and password rules that apply to a set of the world’s popular Internet resources. The need for such tools isn’t far-fetched, given that there is currently a gap between the functionality of automated authentication solutions and the password requirements used by some sites. According to Apple, whereas password managers generate strong and random strings for sign-in, these combos are often incompatible with web pages the users are trying to register with and access. To align the dedicated software with these “quirks” (occasionally site-specific ones), the technology giant is making its engineers’ knowledge open-source.

Apple is planning on taking users’ password hygiene to the next level

Apple shared the entirety of the relevant information by uploading it to the “Password Manager Resources” GitHub repository, emphasizing that it is intended to become a collaboration place for both authors and users of password management software. Essentially, these specifications reflect firmly-established rules for iCloud Keychain, the company’s proprietary component supported by devices running macOS, iOS, iPadOS. In addition to listing the password selection rules for numerous popular sites, the project provides exhaustive details regarding the web resources that share login information. This is expected to become a handy shortcut for the parties that automate users’ sign-in routine, which will no longer have to be reinventing the wheel to figure out how to streamline the process across different platforms.

‘Password Manager Resources’ GitHub repository

An extra flavor of this initiative is about publishing the URLs to which users are rerouted when they want to change their password. This should come in handy in scenarios when the creators of password managers identify weak credentials and enforce their enhancement for the sake of users’ security and privacy. Some people may find it problematic or tedious to do their homework and spot the page where they can complete the password change process. With the URLs now being readily available for publishers, the routine should become simpler and more user-friendly.

The overarching idea of this move is to minimize the adverse effects that may stem from users creating passwords themselves. It’s common knowledge that such strings tend to lack randomness and could be easy to guess or brute-force by means of specially crafted tools. Ideally, password managers should lend people a helping hand by generating and storing strong authentication data for them. In practice, though, these automatically created passwords are rejected by some services that choose to take their very own route in terms of the ad hoc requirements. Apple appears to be doing its best to eliminate this inconsistency so that its customers can enjoy a seamless sign-in experience while steering clear of human error.


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