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How to remove Favorites from Safari on Mac

Learn an easy way to remove websites from the Favorites list in Safari on Mac and thereby customize the feature to prioritize the online resources it holds.

It’s hard to overestimate the handiness of the Favorites feature in Safari on Mac. Similarly to the homepage and search engine preferences, it allows users to adjust the web browser to their web surfing habits so that visiting the most-liked sites is an ultimately hassle-free experience. The logic is to add a web page to the list once and then be able to navigate to it directly from the new tab screen, the Favorites bar, or from Safari’s Sidebar. To Apple’s credit, this functionality is extensively customizable, allowing users to specify where they want the list to be shown and which locations to hide it from. Being one click away from an Internet resource of choice at all times is undoubtedly useful, but what if the range of these pages gets inflated excessively over time and it becomes tedious to pinpoint the right one? This situation causes the opposite of the intended effect.

Indeed, redundant entries on the Favorites list in Safari make it more difficult to quickly spot and visit the most important sites. Rearranging the contents of the all-in-one page could be the way out, but it’s still a cold comfort if the pane is blown out of proportion. Another method is to switch to using the Frequently Visited listings displayed in the bottom section of every blank new tab page. However, this approach kind of complicates everything and doesn’t contribute to a streamlined user experience, to put it mildly. Of course, the user can opt for Safari’s Bookmarks feature instead or as an addition to the other options, but this isn’t a relief either. At the end of the day, when choices get superfluous, the Mac user will have to spend more time finding a specific site. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, really, and it runs contrary to the original idea of the Favorites as such.

What’s the way to organize the Favorites feature back to its intuitive state? There is hardly any method other than removing the unwanted items. The section below explains how to narrow down the selection to the list of the most important websites.

Remove Favorites from Safari on Mac

Luckily, eliminating entries from Safari’s Favorites list is a no-brainer. The following simple steps will walk you through the process and the results will boost your browsing experience by keeping you focused on the resources that really matter.

  1. Click Bookmarks in the Safari Toolbar to open the drop-down list.

    Show Favorites in Safari

  2. Select Show Favorites. Alternatively, you can open a new tab which will display your Favorites in the top section of the blank page by default.
  3. Right-click on a website icon you no longer want to be displayed in your Favorites and select Delete in the shortcut menu. Another option is to drag the icon away from the page and release the mouse button once you see the X (Remove) symbol.
  4. Follow the same procedure for every Favorite you want to delete from the list.

That’s it – your Favorites screen will now only show the items you actually want to keep close at hand rather than the ones that ended up there on the off-chance. This will remove redundancy and give you a peace of mind when surfing the web.


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