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The best VPN for Mac users

While using a VPN is not necessary for everyone, it is important because it enhances security, management, and function. While the management use is mostly practiced in corporate setups by executive members, the function and security purposes are the reason why most people use a Virtual Private Network.

Based on users shared experience and some more research while using different services, there are some VPNs that stand out more than others. The factors that determine the VPNs that are great include overall performance, price and feature set. While some prefer pocket-friendly VPNs as Tunnelbear, others go for VPNs like ExpressVPN purely based on preference.

Best VPN for Mac users

1. NordVPN


This is a top choice for most Mac users as they continue to attest to the great privacy and safety it has. This is achieved because of the continuous effort and dedication that is put up to make sure users VPN data remains safe. This is done through military-grade encryption twice to ensure that a high level of protection.

Another impressive aspect of the NordVPN is the fact that the VPN can be used at the same time by at most six devices under 1200 servers in sixty-one countries.

Setup is not only limited to the tech-savvy people as it is incredibly easy to maneuver. The clients for every OS are simple and clean hence making it very easy to connect or change the VPNs. Although it has very many advanced features for the users, the bottom line is the fact that anyone can grasp and understand how to use it.

Additionally, it supports streaming from YouTube and Netflix and this is advantageous for users in countries that have censorship against streaming services.

In summary, the standing points are as below:

  • It has a fast and extremely efficient performance
  • It is relatively easy to set up and use
  • It supports media streaming
  • Data is private as it is highly encrypted
  • It has strict no log policy
  • It has a 24/7 customer support service
  • It can connect up to a maximum of 6 devices at the same time
  • It has lightning fast speeds.

2. IPVanish


This is one of the most popular services for people going the peer to peer route and rightfully so because of many legit reasons. It has a log less policy meaning it does not maintain logs about its users or how they utilize the VPN service. Secondly, it is great because of the fast performance. IPVanish has successfully achieved this through the architecture that enables unlimited bandwidth.

In summary, the standing points are as below:

  • It has a fast performance
  • Does not maintain logs after data has been encrypted
  • It has a 24 hours 7 days support
  • It is best suited for P2P
  • It has multiple protocols that one can choose from.

3. ExpressVPN

Express VPN

ExpressVPN is popular because it has a reputation of having services that are designed for security and high speed. The performance is outstanding as the architects are well aware of the need of the users to have fast speed and also uninterrupted access to streaming services.

It has outdone most of the competitors as it has dedicated the server architecture to offer efficient media that has no bandwidth caps. Although the price is higher than most services offered by other VPN providers, the performance will still make you not shy away from getting it. The good news is that there is a 30-day money back guarantee because it does not come with a free trial.

It is a top choice and most users will attest to the fact that it is the best all-round VPN specific to Mac users. It is very intuitive and also very easy to use as it just requires one-click to connect although there are also some advanced features and options.

In summary, the standing points are as below:

  • It is designed and optimized for high performance
  • It has unrestricted access to streaming sites and services
  • Data is encrypted and there are no logs kept.

4. TunnelBear


For those users who are not well versed with VPN and are new to the whole concept, this is an ideal choice for them. It is known for its simplicity as the setup is easy and registration is also a walk in the breeze.

Another key selling point for TunnelBear is the fact that is it very pocket-friendly additionally, it offers a free trial plan that allows up to 500MB bandwidth every month.

In summary, the standing points are as below:

  • It is budget friendly
  • It offers free trail plan
  • It is beginner friendly
  • Data is encrypted.

5. PureVPN


Around since 2006, this is one of the most versatile VPN and it has gradually expanded to reach over 18 server locations. It supports over twenty devices and this includes laptops, routers, consoles, Amazon fire devices, and desktops.

It allows the user to utilize peer to peer service and you can engage in P2P using servers in countries not based in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.

In summary, the standing points are as below:

  • It is compatible with over 20 devices
  • It encrypts data and no logs are kept
  • It has the highest number of server locations.


Based on some key features, price and performance, we believe that NordVPN is the best choice for Mac Users. It not only has an excellent performance but it has the best features and is worth investing in.


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