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Innovative digital marketing strategies for MSPs in 2024

In 2024, digital marketing will revolve around artificial intelligence and machine learning. MSPs will be able to automate most of their marketing workflow and predict campaign results before they put things into motion.

That being said, you can gain enormous value by using AI-driven SEO for MSPs. With the right tools, you can segment target audiences, personalize messages, and generate mind-blowing content within minutes. While most of this technology is still being developed, we already can see its enormous potential.

Here are a few fantastic strategies you want to implement in 2024!

1. Message personalization

Hyper-personalization has become commonplace during paid campaigns. Marketers can gather data about users and create unique messages based on their purchasing preferences. Potential customers will only see ads that are relevant to them, thus helping you optimize your PPC budget.

However, AI personalization goes way beyond simple ads, and it can be used for just about any online process. For example, Netflix recommends content to its users based on movies and TV shows they previously viewed. Personalization is especially vital for managed service providers as it allows these brands to capture leads at the right time with the right approach.

2. Predictive ads

Speaking of predictions, there are many tools nowadays that allow MSP marketers to assess the performance of an ad before they post it. The software compares your copy with millions of similar posts, and based on data, the program shows you what to expect from a campaign.

With this technology, managed service providers can completely eliminate traditional testing. You no longer have to run ads and see what kind of an impact they’ll have. Instead, you can create a perfect post straight away and start generating fantastic revenues without back-and-forth.

3. Video marketing

Even if you’re not into marketing, you probably understand that most of the content on the web comes in a digital format. Furthermore, platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Meta are doing their best to shorten these posts so they’re better for younger users. As attention spans keep on increasing, Shorts have become the main way of staying afloat.

So, if you wish your content to go viral, you need to rely on some of these platforms. While written content still provides value, it’s no longer as good as it used to be. Marketing agencies such as HubSpot know this more than anyone and have already adapted their marketing strategies to the “new normal.”

4. Conversational marketing

Chatbots represent a turning point for many MSP businesses. Like any other service provider, these companies have to be extremely responsive when working with clients from their first interaction onward. Unfortunately, due to time zones and other constrictions, this is rarely possible.

The good news is that you can change all of that through conversational marketing. By tapping into your knowledge base, a chatbot can answer just about any question that a potential client might have. That way, clients will always feel as if they were heard, which can make a difference when closing certain deals.

5. Augmented reality

Augmented reality is no longer in the domain of science fiction. Unfortunately, 52% of retailers are still not willing or ready to implement the technology into their workflow. Among others, some of them don't understand how augmented reality can boost their conversions.

Truth be told, these systems won't work well for every industry, and they might not move the needle for MSPs. For now, augmented reality shows the most promise for retail, where clients can test products firsthand as if they're in a physical store. Hopefully, in time, we'll see more MSPs who use it, as well.

6. Zero-click searches

Based on everything we’ve seen from Google, the company is doing its best to provide users with answers to their questions without making them leave the search engine. Featured snippets were the first step in that direction, giving people short answers as soon as they input a query into the bar.

Around 50% of all searches end in zero-click (person not visiting organic result page). This can be extremely worrying for MSPs as most of these companies would love to bring users to their blogs and convert them. However, you can also use these snippets to your advantage by highlighting things that people truly want to know.

7. User-generated content

Almost 70% of marketers understand the importance of user-generated content for their marketing. Basically, it is a bridge between MSPs and their fans, allowing a deeper interaction between the two entities. Users can post all sorts of content on managed providers' platforms, incentivized by all sorts of gifts and rewards.

The great thing about user-generated content is that it works for both sides. It allows your brand to minimize content production costs and to always have a fresh voice on the blog. On the other hand, users can tap into your resources and spread their own message to a broader audience.

8. Local SEO

Companies have realized that local SEO can bring them as much value as just about any other marketing tactic. Local optimization is especially great for businesses that depend on foot traffic. The method also works well for service providers, such as MSPs, who want to work with the local community.

The best thing about this strategy is that anyone can set up a Google My Business profile. After that, you depend on the service quality to position yourself as one of the best managed service providers in your area. In other words, you don’t even need big marketing spending; just some hard work!

Bottom line

The world is changing at a rapid pace, and so does marketing with it. AI-driven technology has altered how we approach most of our content production, allowing us to generate and modify posts within minutes. Similarly, companies will become much more reliant on shorter formats as old-school blog posts slowly become obsolete.


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