MacBooster 5 review

MacBooster 5 review

The invulnerability of macOS in the face of various cyber threats has become somewhat of a misperception over the past few years. The emergence of Mac ransomware and the rise of adware targeting this operating system are serious challenges requiring an all-new protection paradigm. Under the circumstances, tools like MacBooster come in handy as they stand sentinel to safeguard Macs against known and uncatalogued malware. Furthermore, said utility ensures smooth Mac performance by freeing up unused disk space and delivering multiple other optimization extras.

Remove MyCouponize virus ad from Mac

Remove MyCouponize virus

It’s generally okay when advertisements are displayed on web pages. This can be a regular upshot of site admins’ marketing strategy where they try to get the bang for their buck by allowing various merchants to promote their products and services via legitimate ecommerce mechanisms. In the case of MyCouponize ads, things turn the other way around. These annoying objects are typically isolated to a specific Mac computer infected with the corresponding adware.

Mac ransomware 2017

Remove Mac ransomware 2017

Ransomware is the real scourge of the present-day digital world. Whereas dealing with other computer infections boils down to plain removal, the fix in a cyber blackmail scenario is much more complex due to the involvement of cryptography in the incursion process. Mac ransomware, though, tends to be a little less complex, engaging a social engineering component along with the abuse of the Find My iPhone feature. / email scam: unlock hacked Mac

Remove virus on iPhone or MacBook

When it comes to compromising Apple devices, black hat hackers are confronted with elaborate security barriers. Some call it quits and repurpose their attacks to zero in on machines running Windows, while others persist and contrive frauds like the or ransom attacks. Learn how this malicious mechanism works and what to do if your iOS or macOS device ends up locked this way.

Get rid of iPhone virus warning popup scam

Remove iPhone virus popup scam

In terms of the present-day cybercriminal techniques, manipulating humans is almost as effective as exploiting software vulnerabilities. Threat actors know perfectly well about most users’ apprehension of digital viruses, therefore social engineering frauds typically revolve around keywords like “virus”, “malware”, or “security problem” to turn that sensitive switch on. This is exactly the case with the recent iPhone virus popup scam. ransom scam: How to unlock hijacked iPhone, iPad or MacBook

Remove virus on iPhone or MacBook

Blackmail is becoming the scourge of the present-day online world, mostly due to the ubiquity of ransomware. Crypto infections, though, are chiefly the prerogative of threat actors who focus on targeting Windows, although a few Mac samples have been spotted this year as well. Hackers who zero in on Apple devices prefer an easier route, such as the screen locking fraud.