“Your Mac is infected with 3 viruses” popup alert removal

Remove Your system is infected with 3 viruses alert

Tech support scams are universal as they hit users regardless of their operating systems. The idea is simple: to dupe people into thinking their machines are at risk and then offer a rogue fix. The pseudo remedy recommended by the crooks can be a junk application or the assistance of a self-proclaimed support agent. Either way, victims will be instructed to pay up. The browser alerts saying, “Your Mac is infected with 3 viruses” is part of a classic scam targeting Mac users.

Remove MyShopcoupon ads virus from Mac

Remove MyShopcoupon virus from Mac

There are Mac apps that enhance one’s online shopping experience. There are also rogue programs like MyShopcoupon that appear on Macs out of the blue and flood the visited web pages with tons of annoying advertisements. That’s the classic activity of adware, one of the biggest scourges of the present-day Internet.

Mac Cleaner popup virus removal from Mac

Remove Mac Cleaner virus from Mac

While the era of rogue antispyware has been steadily declining on the Windows arena, these types of threats are still in vogue with ne’er-do-wells targeting Mac machines. The malware called Mac Cleaner, also referred to as Advanced Mac Cleaner, demonstrates that this trend is alive and kicking. This article provides exhaustive information on said infection and advises on removal.

Remove Chill Tab virus from Mac

Remove Chill Tab virus

When confronted with the Chill Tab browser hijack, Mac users feel frustrated and helpless because the problem won’t go away no matter what manual cleanup techniques they leverage. This potentially unwanted program changes Safari, Chrome and Mozilla settings on a compromised Mac so that the victim is stuck with browser redirects and annoying popups.

Remove JS:Cryptonight Trojan from Mac

Remove Cryptonight virus from Mac

When a lot of money is at stake, some individuals treat malicious tactics as a justifiable means to an end. That’s the case with the Cryptonight malware involved in a high-tech cryptocurrency mining campaign. This topic is currently trending in the Mac user community, where people have been reporting the persistent JS:Cryptonight infection being detected by their security suites. This article will shed light on the ins and outs of the controversial issue under scrutiny.

Remove OSX.Proton malware from Mac

Remove OSX.Proton removal from Mac

There are cyber threat actors who handle their attacks without mittens and act too straightforwardly to slip below any radars. There are, however, much craftier perpetrators who think out of the box – ones like those behind the latest wave of the OSX.Proton malware incursions. Learn what distribution method is used this time and how to get rid of the baddie if infected.