Remove DownLite trojan ( from Safari, Chrome and Firefox on Mac OS X

Remove DownLite

DownLite, a rather complex piece of malicious software infecting Mac OS X, gets broken down into its various aspects in this entry. This sample isn’t commonplace because it utilizes several different operational vectors, including dubious ecommerce activity through unwarranted ads inserted into sites, distribution of unsafe ad-supported software as well as interference with custom settings of web browsers. Furthermore, this adware is closely related to the VSearch and Conduit Search Protect infections.

Remove VSearch (OSX/VSearch agent) from Safari, Firefox and Chrome on Mac

Remove VSearch

The issue to be described in this post is about web browsing hurdles on Mac OS X caused by an adware application called VSearch. Infected users see popup ads when surfing the web with Firefox, Safari and Chrome. These ecommerce-related objects appear in large quantities when you do web search, visit online shopping sites and even go to the routine pages like news, sports or weather. Because of the overpopulation of websites with things that are not intended to be there, the browsers operate slower and the user cannot see the content of interest correctly. So learn more details on OSX/VSearch virus, including advice on removal.

Remove MacitNow virus ads from Safari, Firefox and Chrome on Mac OS X

Remove MacItNow

This post will be useful for both prevention and troubleshooting in the context of the MacitNow adware infection. This add-on, which targets Safari, Chrome and Firefox on the compromised Mac box, triggers an unreasonable lot of ads on any web page the user visits. While providing up-to-date e-shopping information at times, the app in question affects the user’s web browsing experience in the worst way, making sites take longer to load and hindering the regular page contents viewing. The tutorial gives you an idea of how this adware routine works and what steps are to be taken to get rid of the problem.

Remove MacSpend Ads from Safari/Firefox/Chrome on Mac OS X

Remove MacSpend

Ads on websites are useful as long as the amount thereof is reasonable. Redundancy and intrusiveness are the things that turn e-commerce data into a problem and an irritation factor. This is what happens when apps like MacSpend operate in a Mac machine. In this case, tons of ads appear in places where they normally wouldn’t be displayed, which causes the affected Mac users a great deal of web browsing hurdles. This post contains an investigative report about the MacSpend application and provides instructions on removing it.

Remove BrowserSafeguard with RocketTab from Mac OS X

Remove BrowserSafeguard with RocketTab

Out of all the versatile sorts of Internet advertising and promotion, the authors of MacGlobalDeals app for Mac OS X chose an unwelcome path based on highly intrusive techniques. The way it works involves trespassing of the malicious code on the user’s machine via obscure drive-by tricks, and then installing a browser extension which deploys a noxious ad placement activity regardless of the victim’s discretion. This post reflects in-depth dissection of this Mac adware and provides effective removal instructions.

Remove Mac Defender virus from Mac OS X

Remove Mac Defender

Mac Defender, also known as Mac Protector, is notorious scareware designed to specifically infect Mac boxes. It is one of the malicious applications that pioneered in the realm of Macs, and after years since the launch it appears to still be active. What Mac Defender does is it runs bogus scans of the system and states that malware has been detected, thus forcing users to register its paid version. So learn the background of this infection and get advised on Mac Defender removal.