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Remove Maxon Click virus ( popups) from Mac OS X

This post contains a comprehensive analysis of the Maxon Click virus issue and provides how-to’s regarding popups removal.

When confronted with a piece of adware like Maxon Click, the average Mac user isn’t very likely to suffer any serious consequences security-wise, but his or her web browsing routine becomes a mess. The above-mentioned app is designed to drive traffic to dubious sites in a highly intrusive manner. It incorporates a persistent add-on into Safari, Chrome or Firefox. This offending extension, in its turn, takes control of the browser settings that determine which pages are returned when specific actions are done on the user’s end, including instances of opening the browser, triggering a new tab, and searching the web via the default search provider. To add insult to injury, this infection can make obnoxious popups go off randomly, that is, without any ad hoc action of the administrator. The malicious URL accompanying these redirects and spoof interstitial ads is, with a string of random digits following it.

Fake security update pushed by redirect virus

Interestingly enough, the exact same domain string can return absolutely different landing pages across these incidents. When this rerouting takes place, the web traffic tunnels through multiple URLs that denote ad campaigns, and then eventually halts at a gaming site or a page hosting rogue security updates and junk software like HD Video Player. In some cases, the concomitant popup alerts will keep the Mac user from closing the browser tab unless they click OK and thus authorize the bogus update or app setup. Along with traffic monetization in which Maxon Click is, obviously, involved, its landings also promote other infections disguised as useful applications. Furthermore, the user’s privacy is at risk, because the virus is continuously mining sensitive information, such as browsing history, cookies, operating system details, as well as credentials for various online profiles.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Maxon Click virus escorts compound app installations while trespassing on Macs. In other words, people usually fall victim to it after they run the setup of benign software that goes with a bundle of extra programs. These featured offers are installed by default as part of the main solution. This is why deselecting redundant apps in such setup wizards is imperative. Fortunately, even if popup and redirect virus gets into a Mac OS X environment, it isn’t hard to get rid of as long as you use the best practices of adware removal.

Maxon Click adware manual removal for Mac

To begin with, settings for the web browser that got hit by the virus should be restored to their default values. The overview of steps for this procedure is as follows:

1. Reset Safari

• Open the browser and go to Safari menu. Select Reset Safari in the drop-down list

• Make sure all the boxes are ticked on the interface and hit Reset

Resrt Safari

2. Reset Google Chrome

• Open Chrome and click the Customize and Control Google Chrome menu icon

• Select Options for a new window to appear

• Select Under the Hood tab, then click Reset to defaults button

Reset Chrome

3. Reset Mozilla Firefox

• Open Firefox and select HelpTroubleshooting Information

• On the page that opened, click the Reset Firefox button

Reset Firefox


Maxon Click virus automatic removal for Mac

1. Download and install MacKeeper application (read review). In addition to security features, this tool provides a vast arsenal of Mac optimization capabilities

Download MacKeeper

2. Get your Mac checked for malicious software by going to System Scan and starting the scan procedure

MacKeeper: Analysis

3. When the app comes up with a list of detected security issues, get those fixed by clicking the respective button. The Maxon Click adware should now be completely gone.