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Remove ps4ux virus from Mac - popup removal in Safari, Firefox and Chrome

Get rid of popups and redirects on Mac by eliminating the attendant virus and restoring regular settings in Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

Fixing a Mac machine infected with the ps4ux virus requires quite a bit of security footwork. Catching this annoying plague, however, is trivial. All it takes to get hit by the offending code is download a booby-trapped file or application that seems normal on the outside but actually contains the potentially unwanted entity inside the package. The worst part about this pest is that it’s a nuisance that interferes with the victim’s web surfing, while there is no direct evidence that it may be involved in more hazardous malware campaigns. With that said, the intrusive impact can render one’s web browser hardly operable. The user will be experiencing haphazard redirects to pages whose URLs start with, as well as full-page popups and pop-unders that slow Safari, Chrome or Firefox down to a crawl. No matter how hard you try to close all of these unwelcome tabs and windows, there are many more to come.

One of landing pages

There is no single landing page that resolves to. The above-mentioned static part of the URL is followed by a variable ad campaign string that may be associated with a different rogue service or product each time the redirect or popup occurs. For instance, the user may end up on a junk site pretending to be a search provider, and then a minute later the forcibly resolved page may contain a phony software update recommendation. Be advised the apps promoted through ps4ux are not safe to install. In some of the reported incidents, users have caught banking trojans and keyloggers masqueraded as video player updates, file downloaders or games.

Again, the only reliable way to avoid contamination in this case is to stick with official software download resources where every application is scrupulously verified against a checklist of possible security and privacy issues. The ps4ux virus accompanies apps distributed through untrustworthy sites, so steer clear of download portals with poor reputation. If the drive-by download happens to have already taken place, the victim’s first priority is to locate and terminate the infection, otherwise the web browsing parameters will keep undergoing corrupt impact. Peruse the follow-up to this description and learn how to remedy a Mac infected with ps4ux virus.

Ps4ux adware manual removal for Mac

To begin with, settings for the web browser that got hit by the ps4ux virus should be restored to their default values. The overview of steps for this procedure is as follows:

1. Reset Safari

• Open the browser and go to Safari menu. Select Reset Safari in the drop-down list

• Make sure all the boxes are ticked on the interface and hit Reset

Resrt Safari

2. Reset Google Chrome

• Open Chrome and click the Customize and Control Google Chrome menu icon

• Select Options for a new window to appear

• Select Under the Hood tab, then click Reset to defaults button

Reset Chrome

3. Reset Mozilla Firefox

• Open Firefox and select HelpTroubleshooting Information

• On the page that opened, click the Reset Firefox button

Reset Firefox virus automatic removal for Mac

1. Download and install MacKeeper application (read review). In addition to security features, this tool provides a vast arsenal of Mac optimization capabilities

Download MacKeeper

2. Get your Mac checked for malicious software by going to System Scan and starting the scan procedure

MacKeeper: Analysis

3. When the app comes up with a list of detected security issues, get those fixed by clicking the respective button. The ps4ux adware should now be completely gone.