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Remove Slick Savings ads from Safari, Firefox and Chrome on Mac OS X

The article is intended to give Mac users an insight into the Slick Savings ads problem and provides a viable technique to get rid of this browser virus.

Adware applications are steadily increasing reach as they are invading the Mac niche, with some success unfortunately. Their behavioral properties in regards to this popular platform are in no way different from the attributes of Windows-specific duplicates: they slither into machines as part of bundled downloads and add rogue browser helper objects to display annoying ads wherever the user goes online. At first sight, this may look like a web page issue, where the webmaster may have decided to get a quick return on investment and opted into an obtrusive pay-per-click campaign. But the victims promptly discover that similar promotional materials appear on different, unrelated sites, which indicates that the pest resides inside the Mac rather than the server side. All of this applies to Slick Savings, an adware plague that drives users nuts until they eradicate it.

Ads by Slick Savings are too annoying to ignore

Slick Savings is considered to be a part of the Spigot family, one of the oldest strains on the adware arena. Mac users typically catch it in the course of tricky application setups. Cybercriminals love to embed malicious artifacts into packages containing several benign items. This distribution vector, commonly referred to as bundling, ensures that unsuspecting users accept the Terms and Conditions for a combo of utilities, thus also agreeing to install a potentially unwanted app like Slick Savings. Technically, the scheme is flawless from the legal viewpoint, but the ethical facet leaves a lot to be desired.

Once this corrupt code infiltrates into a computer running any version of Mac OS X, it instantly configures the system to launch the bad process upon logon. Furthermore, it pulls in a cross-browser add-on that has a significant impact on the way all browsers operate. Said extension triggers promo content on ecommerce sites, search engines and other types of web pages. These objects will appear in the form of deals, coupons, freebies, comparison shopping boxes, and banners signed “Ads by Slick Savings”, “brought by Slick Savings”, or “Slick Savings ads”. Their size may be big enough to overlap the bulk of original site content, which makes the victim’s web surfing experience go down the drain. Interstitial ads and other types of pop-unders will be showing up off and on.

Slick Savings does not belong on a healthy Mac. It slows down one’s web browsers, diminishes their online experience, and may collect personally identifiable data as well. Continue reading to learn how to remove this adware and get rid of the irritating ads.

Slick Savings manual removal for Mac

The steps listed below will walk you through the removal of this application. Be sure to follow the instructions in the order specified.

• Open up the Utilities folder as shown below

Open up the Utilities

• Locate the Activity Monitor icon on the screen and double-click on it

Locate the Activity Monitor

• Under Activity Monitor, find the entry for Slick Savings, select it and click Quit Process

Quit MacDefender process

• A dialog should pop up, asking if you are sure you would like to quit the Slick Savings executable. Select the Force Quit option

• Click the Go button again, but this time select Applications on the list. Find the Slick Savings entry on the interface, right-click on it and select Move to Trash. If user password is required, enter it

• Now go to Apple Menu and pick the System Preferences option

Pick the System Preferences

• Select Accounts and click the Login Items button. Mac OS will come up with the list of the items that launch when the box is started up. Locate Slick Savings there and click on the “-“ button

Remove MacDefender from Login Items


Prevent browser issues caused by Slick Savings

Settings for the web browser that got hit by Slick Savings and affiliated adware should be restored to their default values. The overview of steps for this procedure is as follows:

1. Reset Safari

• Open the browser and go to Safari menu. Select Reset Safari in the drop-down list

• Make sure all the boxes are ticked on the interface and hit Reset

Resrt Safari

2. Reset Google Chrome

• Open Chrome and click the Customize and Control Google Chrome menu icon

• Select Options for a new window to appear

• Select Under the Hood tab, then click Reset to defaults button

Reset Chrome

3. Reset Mozilla Firefox

• Open Firefox and select HelpTroubleshooting Information

• On the page that opened, click the Reset Firefox button

Reset Firefox


Use automatic tool to completely uninstall Slick Savings adware from your Mac

1. Download and install MacKeeper application (read review). The tool provides both optimization and security features for your Mac.

Download MacKeeper

2. Proceed to the Smart Uninstaller feature, find Slick Savings on the Applications list and have MacKeeper completely eliminate all components of the app from your Mac by clicking Remove in the bottom left-hand part of the GUI. Doing so will ensure all components of the virus and its remainders, which may have not been removed in the manual way, will be thoroughly cleaned up.

MacKeeper Smart Uninstall