Remove Zeus virus Mac alert scam from Safari, Chrome and Firefox

Remove Zeus virus Mac alert scam

Online tech support scams are on the rise for a reason. They are so prolific and effective because their essence is twofold. One facet involves a piece of malware that hijacks a browser, and the other revolves around exploiting human credulity and desire to keep a computer safe. The large-scale Zeus virus Mac scam wave, which has migrated from Windows environment, is quickly gaining momentum as an instrument to defraud Mac users of their money.

Remove Apple iPad virus warning popups

Remove Apple iPad virus popups

Fraudsters have been cashing in on attacks against iOS users quite heavily lately. Most of the time, these scams engage JavaScript popups that report inexistent security issues and encourage victims to visit some junk sites or download potentially unwanted apps. One of the recent popup infections of that sort displays rogue Apple iPad virus warning notifications, which lead to malware downloads. It’s strongly recommended to get rid of the actual virus that triggers these annoying alerts.

Remove Malware Crusher from Mac OS X

Remove Malware Crusher

There are so many impostors in the digital world. Some unscrupulous vendors cash in on Mac users’ natural desire to keep their machines running safe and smooth. The application called Malware Crusher deliberately raises red flags on low-impact performance issues, cache files or even inexistent malware in order to dupe people into registering its full version. This rogue program is also double trouble as it typically installs itself on Macs without user consent.

How to remove OptiBuy virus ads from Mac

Remove OptiBuy ads virus

No matter how hard the Mac app called OptiBuy may try to convince users it’s helpful and handy, it definitely doesn’t live up to its name. While claiming to facilitate and personalize one’s online shopping experience, this obtrusive product wreaks havoc with Safari and other web browsers instead. To top it all off, the adware poses a bunch of privacy risks and annoys people with its ads.

Remove Snowbitt ( from Safari, Chrome and Firefox on Mac

Remove Snowbitt redirect virus

Although the likelihood of catching malware on a Mac is certainly lower than on a Windows PC, it is continuously growing. Infections like Snowbitt prove that exploitation of certain weak links in the once bulletproof macOS environment is far from being fiction. This particular virus affects web browsers, causing them to default to during routine events, such as loading the homepage or doing a search online.

Remove OSX/Dok malware from Mac OS X

Remove OSX.Dok malware from Mac OS X

A mixture of clever email phishing, digital certificate abuse, fake macOS update and tampering with one’s network settings – that’s what the OSX.Dok malware is all about. It is a high-profile Mac infection that allows the attacker to gain unrestricted access to all the sensitive elements of one’s Internet browsing routine. This article describes the sophisticated Mac threat in question and provides apropos security recommendations.