Introduction to Mac Repair 2 - Using Technical Specifications to Advantage

Introduction to Mac Repair

Having previously provided general information on Mac computers and what is most likely to go wrong with those, Eli now does a step-by-step overview of how to find out specific details about the hardware and software configuration of one’s machine as well as the serial number, dwelling in particular on what the latter can be used for. In addition to technical specifications, you learn how to look up warranty data online.

Introduction to Mac Repair - Tips for Troubleshooting and Fixing Macs

Introduction to Mac Repair

Various nuances of dealing with Mac computers in terms of troubleshooting and repair are being scrutinized and explained by Eli the Computer Guy in this entry. Here the tech expert provides a comparison of Windows workstations and Macs with regard to complexity of fixing and typical issues that are most likely to occur. Furthermore, Eli gives a walkthrough on some of the essential properties of Mac user interface.