Uninstall Java on Mac OS X

Remove Java from Mac

Since a lot of Mac users are worried about their security being violated due to vulnerabilities in unpatched Java and their system stability being affected, some of them would rather this software weren’t running on their machines. In fact, this is a debatable issue because Oracle Java is fairly essential for some processes to run smooth on the system. This post highlights the possible reasoning for uninstalling Java from Mac as well as applicable methods to do it thoroughly.

How to uninstall Xcode from Mac OS X

Remove Xcode from Mac

The instructions available in this entry are meant to help Mac users completely uninstall the Xcode IDE. Why might that be necessary? First off, in case you no longer need the toolset and wish to free up quite a lot of hard disk space it occupies. Also, this process may be on the agenda if some bugs are encountered using Xcode. Review the tutorial to learn more details.

Remove adware on Mac


The infamous InstallMac adware being at the peak of its malicious success, it’s beginning to involve more domains that support its operation. The landing page is now accompanied by, another clone site in the fast-flux network. This article is going to describe the new characteristics of the Mac adware campaign in question and provide instructions on how to remove hijacker.

Remove popup in Mac OS

Remove popup

There’s currently an abundance of concerned Mac users’ messages on security discussion boards about weird popups from occurring during web browsing sessions. What are these? What problems do they indicate? How to get rid of these annoying popups? All of these questions are going to be comprehensively answered in this post.

Remove AdChoices ads from Mac (Safari, Chrome and Firefox removal)

Remove AdChoices

While it’s normal practice to see ad sections where they are authorized by webmasters, the malicious app called AdChoices violates the consent regulation. It obscurely installs on a Mac machine, tracks the victim’s Internet activity, randomly inserts advertisements in places that are not meant for that purpose, and adds hyperlinks to words or word combinations provided on visited web pages. The present guide dissects this rather complex issue and provides a fix for it Mac OS-wise.

Remove MacSter ads in Mac OS

Remove MacSter ads

Literally all feedback about Ads by MacSter is negative because of their being intrusive. The bad user experience due to the presence of this sponsored information by MacSter on random web pages is what makes this app a potentially unwanted program. From this article you will learn the essentials related to the spreading of this infection, its manifestation on a compromised Mac machine, and the measures that need to be adopted in order to remove it.