Remove Taboola ads virus from Safari, Chrome and Firefox on Mac

Remove Taboola ads adware from Mac OS X

People don’t generally attach importance to the onset of obviously redundant advertisements during web browsing sessions, because such a state of things tends to be perceived as the norm these days. However, sometimes ads indicate a security problem that radiates from within a specific Mac machine. Ads by Taboola, for instance, typically won’t appear inside browser tabs unless the affiliated adware applet is running in the background. This guide is intended to help the infected Mac users get rid of Taboola ads for good.

Remove Chum Search ( from Safari, Chrome and Firefox on Mac OS X

Remove ChumSearch adware

From a technical viewpoint, it isn’t difficult to hijack a web browser regardless of the operating system it’s running on. It suffices attackers to force-install an application that intrusively puts certain browsing defaults into effect and doesn’t respond to the infected user’s manual troubleshooting attempts. This is exactly what happens as far as the ChumSearch contamination incidents are concerned.

Remove KeRanger ransomware - Transmission 2.9 malware from Mac OS X

Remove KeRanger ransomware from Mac OS X

The Mac OS X environment is now officially exposed to ransomware attacks. This breaking news began circulating on security resources as of March 4. A strain of malware dubbed KeRanger, alias OSX.KeRanger.A, is specifically targeting Mac machines, using a compromised version of a popular BitTorrent Client tailored for this platform. As a result, the victims’ files get encrypted and the extortionists demand a ransom for data recovery.

Remove Search Genius from Safari, Chrome and Firefox on Mac OS X

Remove Search Genius from Mac OS X

As the time goes by, it becomes more and more evident that Mac OS X is no longer that much of a moving target for cybercriminals. To its credit, however, this platform still boasts the defenses that keep malware from reaching a level of ubiquity. The main vector of compromise when it comes to Macs is the web browsing environment since it’s currently the least protected piece that’s not entirely controlled by Apple. The makers of infections like Search Genius take advantage of this status quo to the fullest.

Remove redirect virus from iPhone and iPad

Remove redirect virus

Given the strong antimalware defenses built into iOS, the operating system for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices, virus makers have been having a tough time coming up with methods to compromise this platform. When something is a hard nut to crack as a whole, however, the black hats tend to focus on individual components that might turn out vulnerable. In the case of iOS, Internet browsing environment is the weak link. The malicious code that redirects infected users of these gadgets to domain proves this quite vividly.

Remove Mac Adware Cleaner "recommended download" popups from Mac OS X

Remove Mac Adware Cleaner

Backup software enjoys popularity that’s continuously growing. It helps avoid the worst-case scenario where one’s most important information may be irreversibly lost because of a hardware crash. Another reason for Mac users to keep copies of their files outside of the machine is the recent emergence of ransomware that can be used by criminals to infect Mac OS X, encrypt data and extort money for decryption. The application called MegaBackup, however, is a wrong choice in this regard.