How to remove iMessage from Mac OS X and iOS

Remove iMessage virus from iPhone and Mac OS X

A critical API vulnerability in Apple’s iOS and Mac OS X platform allows attackers to remotely hack into devices and steal users’ personal data, including passwords and other sensitive credentials. Counterintuitively, the attack with such potentially devastating outcomes is easy to pull off. All it takes is send a targeted user an image in TIFF format over the iMessage instant messaging app. Once the recipient opens it, a threat actor gets access to the gadget without any conspicuous signs of the compromise.

Remove Safe Finder virus from Mac in Safari, Chrome and Firefox

Remove Safe Finder virus on Mac OS X

Macs are just as prone to adware attacks as Windows PCs. Although these aren’t high-profile compromise incidents, they cause a great deal of trouble to users by badly affecting the web surfing facet of computing. The multi-platform and cross-browser potentially unwanted application called Safe Finder triggers a noxious redirect activity, where victims keep hitting or without intending to at all. Read this article to learn what goals this hijacker pursues and how to get rid of it on Mac OS X.

Mac File Opener virus removal from Mac OS X

Remove Mac File Opener virus from Mac OS X

Similarly to the Advanced Mac Cleaner malware, Mac File Opener complements the lineage of potentially unwanted programs tailored for Mac OS X. Its authors tend to use a tricky scare tactic to spread their app without providing users with proper notification. Furthermore, this digital baddie imposes itself as the default software to open certain file types on an infected machine. Misleading security alerts pose another side effect of Mac File Opener’s activity.

Remove Time Search Now virus ( from Mac OS X

Remove virus on Mac

TimeSearchNow is a cross-platform browser extension with shady reputation. The controversy about this applet consists in the merging of its ostensibly useful information search functionality with outright activity of wreaking havoc with one’s Internet navigation preferences. This article highlights the genuine essence of the hijacker in question and advises on ways to fix the malfunctioning Mac machine.

Remove Tavanero Search ( virus from Mac OS X

Remove browser hijacker from Mac OS X

Not only is the Tavanero Search browser hijacker a cross-browser infection, but it’s also multiplatform. This means that it targets different types of web browsers as well as different operating systems. Originally discovered as a Windows adware sample, it turned out to also attack Mac systems on a large scale. The upshot of this stealthy compromise is all about rerouting one’s Internet traffic to site.

Remove Maxon Click virus ( popups) from Mac OS X

Remove Maxon Click virus

A growing number of Mac users around the globe have been incurring adverse effects of the Maxon Click virus lately. This malvertising campaign isn’t restricted to OS X only, affecting Windows and Android users on a large scale as well. The impact is as follows: the web browsers on an infected machine repeatedly return URL, which points to a big network of gaming sites and rogue download pages. It’s important to refrain from installing anything on these websites otherwise more serious security problems are imminent.