Remove DNS Unlocker ads from Mac OS X

Remove DNS Unlocker ads from Mac

The distressing arrival of malvertising at the Mac realm has revealed this remarkable platform’s weakness in the face of continuously evolving cybercrime. The majority of adware infections tailored for Mac OS X are focused on deforming the performance of web browsers, but the DNS Unlocker malady reaches further than that. Victims are badly suffering the consequences of unsanctioned network connection changes made by the virus in addition to the commonplace browser configuration twisting. The entire factual material on this threat, as well as the related problem solving, are covered in the entry you are about to read.

Remove FBI virus on iPhone

Remove FBI virus from iPhone

Insecure web browsing on iPhones and iPads has gotten lots of iOS aficionados infected with a piece of malware masquerading itself as an entity that’s allegedly related to the FBI. The malware displays a message in Safari or Chrome, stating that the device has been locked because of purported legal violations. According to the spoof alert, it will cost the victim as much as $500 to unlock their gadget. The most important advice is to abstain from paying this fine and get rid of the malicious code instead. This article will instruct the affected users in implementing these security measures.

SurfEasy VPN review

SurfEasy VPN review

SurfEasy by Opera Software is a remarkable VPN solution that enhances identity and privacy protection, as well as Wi-Fi security on desktop machines and mobile devices. The app provides access to servers in different locations across the globe, making it easy for the user to hide their geo-data from ill-minded parties and rendering blocked websites accessible in blacklisted regions. This product is intuitive in terms of the controls, and features a free ‘starter’ VPN plan. Learn the application’s benefits and downsides from the review below.

Remove XcodeGhost malware (Xcode Ghost) from infected iOS device

Remove XcodeGhost

A substantial segment of iPhone and iPad users have fallen victim to a uniquely tailored attack, where people were getting compromised through contagious applications downloaded from the official App Store. The peculiarity of this hoax consists in the involvement of legitimate software whose developers were duped into compiling their products with the environment called XcodeGhost rather than the official Xcode. The approach as smart as this allows the bad guys to bypass Apple’s walled garden defenses. This article explains nuances of the contamination, describes the aftermath of this adverse encounter, and advises on measures to stay on the safe side.

Remove from Safari, Chrome, Firefox on Mac OS X

Remove is an infection that attacks boxes regardless of the operating system, Mac users being subject to this assault to the same extent as Windows aficionados are. The cross-platform compatibility of the virus can explained by the specific environment that is compromised, that is, web browsers. Victims are experiencing frequent redirects to the wrong web page, which get triggered by adware code sitting in Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Remove YourAdExchange popups from Chrome, Safari, Firefox on Mac OS X

Remove YourAdExchange

YourAdExchange virus infects web browsers on Mac OS X to trigger persistent redirects and display popup windows that contain spoof recommendations about allegedly mandatory software updates and downloads. The related malicious plugin is to blame for such a messed up state of affairs, which means that remedying the affected machine is a matter of uninstalling this pseudo helper object and thoroughly cleaning up the associated files.