How to remove malware from Mac

Remove malware from Mac OS X

Assuming that Mac OS X could possibly stay on the sidelines of cybercrime is certainly an underestimation of the bad guys’ skills. The volume of these attacks is, thankfully, much lower than on Windows, which is largely due to the commendable job that Apple’s security teams are doing to safeguard their customers against malicious software. The criminals out there, however, have been coming up with methods to circumvent these defenses, so the outcomes are evident: web browsers on Macs are being targeted by adware and locker Trojans, and rogue AV programs keep on emerging once in a while. This article describes the widespread types of Mac malware and provides comprehensive ways to get rid of them.

How to remove iWorm trojan virus from Mac

Remove iWorm virus from Mac OS X

Mac users and security experts have been familiar with the iWorm malware since 2014. When it first hit the headlines, there were quite a few speculations about its origin and objectives. One of the indisputable facts discovered was the ability of this infection to enslave host Macs by adding then to a botnet. Now in 2017, iWorm has obtained one more implication aside from the above-mentioned use case. One way or another, it is still a dangerous entity and must be eliminated ASAP.

MacDownloader virus removal from Mac OS X

Remove MacDownloader virus

There is a great deal of state-sponsored espionage aura surrounding the malware called MacDownloader. According to expert research, this new Mac OS X infection was created by Iranian cybercrooks who attempt to steal sensitive data from United States defense contractors and human rights organizations. Luckily, there are quite a few imperfections in how this virus operates for the time being, but it still a harmful entity regardless.

Remove Mac Ads Cleaner popup virus from Mac OS X

Remove Mac Ads Cleaner from infected Mac OS X

Ironically, the app called Mac Ads Cleaner is adware itself, although it is marketed as a tool for eradicating redundant advertising during one’s web browsing sessions. This potentially unwanted utility makes it into Macs along with harmless-looking application bundles. Its impact is a nuisance as it constantly displays popups stating that adware was found on the machine and instructing the victim to register its commercial version.

Remove virus pop up from Safari/Mozilla/Chrome on Mac

Remove redirect virus from Mac OS X

An aggressive browser hijacker has been zeroing in on Mac users lately. It redirects web traffic via, with the URL mostly coming with the “j/pne” tail. The landing sites may have a slightly different look and feel, but they tend to be camouflaged as Apple support pages. The anatomy of this attack is all about using a malicious Mac application to dupe people into calling a rogue support agent or installing potentially unwanted software.

Remove MacWizz ads virus from Mac OS X in Safari, Chrome and Firefox

Remove MacWizz ads virus

When the MacWizz adware makes its way into a Mac, things get out of hand. It wreaks havoc with the victim’s web browsing activity by displaying a bevy of frustrating popup ads, banners, in-text links, and transitional advertisements on random websites that are visited. The infection arrives at Mac computers by means of application bundling, where the presence of the potentially unwanted entity is not disclosed in the clear.