Remove virus on Mac and stop FuQ redirects in Safari/Chrome/Firefox

Remove adware

Adware and browser hijacking is not uncommon on Mac OS X, although Windows fares much worse in regards to the exposure of users to these threats. One way or another, there are online infections with cross-platform functionality that affect both of these major operating systems. One of these pests is It is an adult site, and it may seem that visiting it or not is up to the user. However, some people are automatically redirected to this page off and on, which is an outcome of a compromise on a Mac machine. virus: How to unlock infected iPhone or iPad virus on iPhone

Whereas Windows users have been suffering from vicious ransomware attacks for years now, this isn’t nearly as much of a trend on Apple devices. Part of the reason consists in more robust defenses against the execution of unverified code. And yet, cybercrooks have recently pulled off a large-scale hoax where victims’ mobile gadgets, including iPhones and iPads, become locked and a ransom of $50 is demanded for unlocking. Find out why this is a rogue compromise and how to get around this block without paying a penny to the scammers.

Remove virus from Safari, Chrome and Firefox on Mac

Remove Amazonaws popups on Mac

The ne’er-do-wells crafting various types of malicious code for Mac OS X came up with a new hoax. Users are being infected with the Amazonaws virus on a large scale lately. This malady redirects web traffic and displays popups with fake warnings and error messages in browsers. The idea is to dupe people into contacting supposed Mac technicians over a toll-free helpline, at which stage the social engineering part of the stratagem comes into play.

Remove Slick Savings ads from Safari, Firefox and Chrome on Mac OS X

Remove Slick Savings ads from Mac

When confronted with adware, Mac users experience various web browsing issues and interferences. For instance, these offending apps may force browsers to return sites that victims never intended to visit. The sample called Slick Savings, however, does a different thing – it injects a bevy of intrusive advertisements into web pages accessed via Safari and the Mac editions of Chrome and Firefox. To top it off, this infection also harvests the user’s sensitive online information.

Remove Taboola ads virus from Safari, Chrome and Firefox on Mac

Remove Taboola ads adware from Mac OS X

People don’t generally attach importance to the onset of obviously redundant advertisements during web browsing sessions, because such a state of things tends to be perceived as the norm these days. However, sometimes ads indicate a security problem that radiates from within a specific Mac machine. Ads by Taboola, for instance, typically won’t appear inside browser tabs unless the affiliated adware applet is running in the background. This guide is intended to help the infected Mac users get rid of Taboola ads for good.

Remove Chum Search ( from Safari, Chrome and Firefox on Mac OS X

Remove ChumSearch adware

From a technical viewpoint, it isn’t difficult to hijack a web browser regardless of the operating system it’s running on. It suffices attackers to force-install an application that intrusively puts certain browsing defaults into effect and doesn’t respond to the infected user’s manual troubleshooting attempts. This is exactly what happens as far as the ChumSearch contamination incidents are concerned.