Remove OSX/Dok malware from Mac OS X

Remove OSX.Dok malware from Mac OS X

A mixture of clever email phishing, digital certificate abuse, fake macOS update and tampering with one’s network settings – that’s what the OSX.Dok malware is all about. It is a high-profile Mac infection that allows the attacker to gain unrestricted access to all the sensitive elements of one’s Internet browsing routine. This article describes the sophisticated Mac threat in question and provides apropos security recommendations.

iOS 10.3 update stops Safari ransomware campaign in its tracks

Apple released an update to iOS 10.3

By rolling out the iOS 10.3 update in late March 2017, Apple has addressed a massive outbreak of Safari Mobile scareware, where iOS users would be blocked from using the browser due to a persistent hijack. Victims were confronted with recurrent redirects to, or similar legit-looking pages that displayed misleading “Cannot Open Page” popups and demanded money to remove the blocking. Learn how the company’s research team was able to outsmart the bad guys.

How to remove SurfBuyer virus from Mac

Remove SurfBuyer ads virus from Mac OS X

Regular macOS applications won’t bypass user authorization during the installation process. This hallmark sign, however, does not apply to PUPs (potentially unwanted programs), whose makers certainly realize no one will install their crapware otherwise. Although the utility called SurfBuyer claims to enhance one’s e-shopping experience, it considerably diminishes it instead, displaying a bevy of ads pretty much everywhere the victim goes online.

How to remove Unpollute My Mac popup virus

Remove Unpollute My Mac malware

Unpollute My Mac is a utility that raises a bunch of red flags on alleged privacy and security concerns even on a brand new macOS machine. In other words, it is all about bluff, and that’s for a reason. By reporting numerous critical issues, the application pressures the user into applying a fix. However, what seems like a simple one-click cleanup turns out to be a manipulative paid registration procedure.

Apple ransomware attack: iCloud accounts hacked

Apple ransomware attack

The robustness of Apple’s security architecture for both their desktop and mobile platforms has prevented intruders from compromising the company’s customers on a large scale. And yet, some incidents do pop up once in a while. A group of black hat hackers claim to have gained access to hundreds of millions of accounts belonging to Apple clients. They demand a whopping ransom for not wiping peoples’ devices and not disclosing any sensitive information.

Mac Clean Plus virus removal from Mac OS X

Remove Mac Clean Plus virus

A notorious cyber espionage group has started targeting Macs with surreptitious malware attacks. An infection called Xagent is capable of harvesting browser passwords, making screen captures and pilfering iOS device backups stored on a compromised Mac machine. These breaches have been attributed to a Russian hacker ring dubbed APT28, also known as Fancy Bear or Sofacy. Learn how to identify this infection and handle the predicament effectively.