Remove Flipora search ( from Safari/Firefox/Chrome on Mac

Remove flipora virus

The Flipora service hosted at is an old timer in the shady web environment. Whereas there seems to be a bunch of effort put into it by whoever is in charge, this provider applies a tactic of aggressive user involvement, with shades of misinformation in place as well. This tutorial of ours is going to highlight the main adware injection techniques used in this campaign, and will provide a fix for this security problem.

Remove MacSmart ads from Mac OS X (Safari, Chrome, Firefox removal)

Remove MacSmart adware

Mac users have been finding themselves in the uncomforting situation of MacSmart ads popping up on random websites. This is in fact an adware problem because the administrators of visited sites have nothing to do with the sponsored content. Instead, a hard-to-remove browser add-on compatible Safari, Chrome and Firefox generates the advertisements and price comparisons. Since this issue has a distinct malicious coloring, it has been thoroughly analyzed by the MacSecurity team and is fully described in this article, with clear removal steps provided as well.

Remove Only Search virus ( from Safari/Chrome/Firefox on Mac OS X

Remove Only Search on Mac

Out of the entire mass of Mac infections currently in the wild, adware apps prevail by far. These are samples of intrusive code which affect one’s web browsing by inserting advertisements in websites or redirecting the user’s traffic. Only Search exemplifies the latter group of adware. It substitutes browser preferences in order to make the victim go to its landing page,, off and on. The present post includes technical details about the threat and provides a repair method to restore the normal Internet surfing.

Remove MacShop Ads (Ads by Mac Shop extension) on Mac OS X

Remove MacShop Ads

Ads by MacShop aren’t really the regular advertisements that you see on the Internet. The main distinction consists in their source, that is, the fact that they originate from a specific app (browser add-on) rather than a script allowed by the admins of websites visited. Since these ads tend to get annoying and intrusive, Mac users look for ways to prevent them from popping up in the browser. This article provides the steps to follow in order to uninstall the unwanted extension and restore the normal web browsing routine.

Remove Ads by MacVX from Mac (uninstall in Safari, Chrome and Firefox)

Remove MacVX

Given the increasing proliferation of the potentially unwanted app known as MacVX, which specifically targets Mac OS, lots of users are getting concerned with the effective methods to fix the problem. This application inserts ads into the web pages visited from Safari, Chrome and Firefox on the compromised machine. The tutorial describes the details of this issue and provides a working cleanup to make the noxious ads vanish.

Uninstall Java on Mac OS X

Remove Java from Mac

Since a lot of Mac users are worried about their security being violated due to vulnerabilities in unpatched Java and their system stability being affected, some of them would rather this software weren’t running on their machines. In fact, this is a debatable issue because Oracle Java is fairly essential for some processes to run smooth on the system. This post highlights the possible reasoning for uninstalling Java from Mac as well as applicable methods to do it thoroughly.