Remove VSearch (OSX/VSearch agent) from Safari, Firefox and Chrome on Mac

Remove VSearch

The issue to be described in this post is about web browsing hurdles on Mac OS X caused by an adware application called VSearch. Infected users see popup ads when surfing the web with Firefox, Safari and Chrome. These ecommerce-related objects appear in large quantities when you do web search, visit online shopping sites and even go to the routine pages like news, sports or weather. Because of the overpopulation of websites with things that are not intended to be there, the browsers operate slower and the user cannot see the content of interest correctly. So learn more details on OSX/VSearch virus, including advice on removal.

Reverse Engineering Mac Malware 5 - Process and Network Analysis

Reverse Engineering Mac Malware

Such important vectors of examining arbitrary code’s activity on Mac OS X as process analysis and network analysis are the subjects Sarah Edwards explicates here. In the context of the former, the expert dwells on instruments called Dtrace, including execsnoop and newproc.d; fs_usage; procxp; and the Activity Monitor. As far as network analysis is concerned, popular tools like CocoaPacketAnalyzer, Wireshark, Tcpdump and lsock get scrutinized and demonstrated via real-world examples.

Reverse Engineering Mac Malware 4 - File Analysis

Reverse Engineering Mac Malware

Forensic analyst Sarah Edwards now turns the focus of her presentation to the ins and outs of file analysis on Mac OS X. Within the framework of this nontrivial activity, really verbose tools such as Dtrace, fs_usage and fseventer are looked into, with some examples of the returned metadata and other attributes being provided along the way. Generally, this part is covering the methods for analyzing arbitrary Mac files and the types of information that can be retrieved as a result of this workflow.

Reverse Engineering Mac Malware 3 - Dynamic Analysis

Reverse Engineering Mac Malware

The topics covered by Sarah Edwards in this sub-section of her presentation are related to the various aspects of performing dynamic analysis of Mac applications, including malicious ones. In particular, the following processes are looked into: virtualization - that is, running code in a virtual machine; and application tracing, which is intended to return data on app execution, file system events, etc. Also, the tools applicable for dynamic analysis are listed here and demonstrated in action.

Remove MacitNow virus ads from Safari, Firefox and Chrome on Mac OS X

Remove MacItNow

This post will be useful for both prevention and troubleshooting in the context of the MacitNow adware infection. This add-on, which targets Safari, Chrome and Firefox on the compromised Mac box, triggers an unreasonable lot of ads on any web page the user visits. While providing up-to-date e-shopping information at times, the app in question affects the user’s web browsing experience in the worst way, making sites take longer to load and hindering the regular page contents viewing. The tutorial gives you an idea of how this adware routine works and what steps are to be taken to get rid of the problem.

Remove MacSpend Ads from Safari/Firefox/Chrome on Mac OS X

Remove MacSpend

Ads on websites are useful as long as the amount thereof is reasonable. Redundancy and intrusiveness are the things that turn e-commerce data into a problem and an irritation factor. This is what happens when apps like MacSpend operate in a Mac machine. In this case, tons of ads appear in places where they normally wouldn’t be displayed, which causes the affected Mac users a great deal of web browsing hurdles. This post contains an investigative report about the MacSpend application and provides instructions on removing it.